If you want to write to someone, you have several options:

If you want to tell me how great these pages are, ask me a question, propose to me or anything along these lines, use my standard email address milan@sekanina.cz.

If you want to tell me how crappy these pages are, tell someone who doesn't care.

If you did not get want you wanted for Christmas, tell someone who does care.

If you lost some really big Christmas present, it's probably his fault.

But don't tell that to her, she has enough problems already.

I suppose you could tell him, but he is probably busy saving the world, so you'd better not distract him.

Your best option will probably be to leave it to them.

But even if they put him behind bars, I bet they will soon get him out, so why bother...

And finally, if you are simply bored with nothing better to do, as you quite obviously are, try this.